Email Settings & Information


Use Webmail for immediate access to your mailbox in any web browser.

Secure Access to Webmail visit

Click Round Cube (instructions for Round Cube are here)

 Un-secure access to Webmail
(At home or work is fine but use Secure Access if you're on a public network for encryption.)


TIP: To quickly resolve "mailbox full" issues login into Webmail and delete old messages. To target messages with large attachments taking up the most storage space you can sort by size if you click the "size" in the blue heading at the top. Don't forget to also delete messages in Trash as well as well as it also counts toward your storage space.


Email Software Settings

(Suggest POP on work computer, leave messages for 30 days)
(Suggest IMAP on all other devices)

Incoming Server
SSL / TLS Security Enabled
IMAP Port: 993
POP3 Port: 995
Authentication is required, login is the entire email address.

Outgoing Server
SSL / TLS Security Enabled
SMTP Port: 465
Authentication is required, login is the entire email address.


-> How To Setup Microsoft Outlook




* Work PC in this scenario downloads and stores messages forever for archive.
** Suggest using the POP setting on Work PC with "Leave messages on the server for 30 days". This allows access to mail on all other devices as well as keeping your mailbox from reaching maximum storage space.






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